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Winged Bulls


The British Museum is one of the word’s great museums. It is brimming with artifacts from ancient civilizations–from the Rosetta Stone to the Winged Bulls of Assyria and many, many relics inbetween. We devised a fun game, “pick an antiquities statue that looks like you.” We decided that I looked like Pharaoh Ramses II!


Our morning at the museum was interesting and mind challenging–so much to absorb. We could have spent much more time; however, we were heading to The Service of Evensong in midafternoon at St. Paul’s Cathedral. We stopped along the way at a pub that was serving the Sunday national meal of roast beef and roast chicken with Yorkshire pudding. Tasty, but the pudding is really a puff pastry with absolutely no pudding inside.


Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, St. Paul’s, is majestic, enormous, and beautiful. The dome is reminiscent of our nation’s capitol building. We enjoyed the pipe organ and vicar’s choir that provided music during the service. The echoes resonated throughout the nave. After service, Randy got busted for taking a picture–“We do not take pictures inside the cathedral.” “Whoops.” Being pious and having just finished worship in such a wondrous place, I warned Randy not to do it. It is obvious he did not listen to the sermon about being pure if we are to be salt and light for Jesus. Melisa justly put him in “time out.” 🙂

We enjoyed the British ambiance of walking along the Thames River and through Picadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square. The Square, flanked by the columned National Gallery, the Portait Gallery and high steepled pure white St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church and centered with the imposing column commemorating Admiral Nelson’s victory over the French and Spanish navies in a battle off the Spanish coast, is a hubbub of activity close to the center of most sights and activities in London.  Tiring, we decided for a return to our hotel for the evening to pack and get ready for our trip to Southhampton in the morning. We took the tubes and marveled at the efficiency of the transportation system. Culturally and spiritually, it was a very British day. WEG


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