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Chelsea Fans Only


Friday, the day we left Houston for London, was a “chicken with its head cut off day.” There was much to do at our Montgomery home before our adventure could begin. The flight was uneventful, thankfully, except as we checked in at the British Air counter, the attendent informed us that tickets had literally just become available for an upgrade at 10% of the regular cost. We took them.

Saturday, in London, was a quiet day of recuperation from the flight. The weather is fantastic–73 degrees with a slight breeze. Randy and Melisa are traveling with us, and we walked the streets of the Chelsea area of London where our hotel is located. There is a major tube station near the hotel so that we can easily zip around London while we are here. What we didn’t know is that we are close to a major football (soccer) stadium where the Chelsea team plays, and it was game day! Excited crowds were everywhere and the hotel area brims with pubs and establishments that cater to the football crowd. We were amused when we saw the signs on “The Goose” pub that read, “Chelsea fans only–ID’s will be checked.”

We found a different pub that was very “English” and just like one would imagine a pub to be. We enjoyed fabulous fish and chips–Randy had a fantastic hamburger. The fish was humongous and fried in a perfect beer batter. The beers on tap were more than sufficient. It was a wonderful first meal and start to our adventure. WEG

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