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The Journey Begins–Time to Pack

We are at our Montgomery home, having brought much clothing from our Humble apartment, for the purpose of packing. Wayne is a basket case when it comes to packing, playing the “I don’t know how” game. Kathy is, as always, efficient and prepared.

There is much to do–errands to run, etc. on this last day before we depart for London and beyond. Wayne has worked hard to have everything at Lamb of God, Humble, where he serves as Interim Senior Pastor, in good condition while we are gone. We love the people in this wonderful Christian fellowship. Kathy has worked just as hard by his side.

So, while Wayne runs errands, Kathy packs and straightens the house for a long absence. It is, actually, a very exciting day. WEG


  1. Nora Maloy says:

    Have a fun time and stay safe.

  2. Terry Hudgens says:

    Isn’t it odd that I was just thinking about you both this morning, wondering where you might be!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your next adventure. Safe travels!

  3. Phyllis Behrend says:

    Have a safe trip. Miss seeing you both!

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  4. Priscilla Ogg says:

    It is, at this point preparing to depart on a long, trip, that I begin to feel panicky. Don’t know why, but it has always been like that for me. Larry always our packing. He is much more efficient at it than me. Have fun you two.

  5. Janet Graumann says:

    Be careful but have fun.

  6. Linda Schaefer says:

    Praying for safe travels. 💕

    “Faith is …. the conviction of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1


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