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La Rambla

I did the Rambla today– Is it:

a. a Catalonian dance that is the inspiration for the Rumba of Latin America?
b. a drink made with the local Barcelona wine (Xerel), raspberries and mint?
c. a pedestrian walkway in Barcelona that cuts through the historic city center?

What a fun day we had visiting the historic part of Barcelona! The bustling Rambla cuts into this section of the beautiful city. Pedestrian only, the thoroughfare is surrounded by shops and restaurants with beautiful fountains on each end. We enjoyed the market with its ramble of food vendors, fresh meat and fish stalls, vegetable and fruit vendors, and so forth. The majestic Columbus monument near the Mediterranean Sea is a landmark overlooking a yacht harbor and many beautiful Spanish buildings.

Within the historic center are the city’s cathedral (not the famous La Sagrada Familia– it is not a cathedral and is located elsewhere), Santa Maria del Mar, an old Gothic church, the Arch of Triumph, and a maze of cobblestone or tiled streets with small shops, businesses and eateries.

We stopped to eat paella and drink sangria along the way and then took the metro back to our hotel. We have become quite used to underground metro, bus and tram systems and trains in Europe and take them with ease. WEG


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