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Energizing Light and Comforting Dark

La Sagrada Familia (the Holy Family) Basilica in Barcelona is internationally known as the Gaudi classic monument to his Christian faith and as the city symbol of Barcelona. This grand architect left his lasting imprint on the church and city he loved. Light is the recurring theme of the temple–light drawn inside from the sun in many unique ways. The colorful stained glass windows are majestic in their modern feel and are absolutely luminescent. The light interior surfaces reflect their wonderful rays. The exterior and interior are harmonious and carry Biblical themes forward in interesting ways. The exterior crucifixion portico is stark and bare while the nativity portico is a riot of joyful imagery. Construction continues on the towers and is expected to be completed in 20 years. Murano glass is imbedded in the ornamentation to allow it to sparkle in the sun.

In contrast, the Barcelona Cathedral in the old town is dark and resplendent in deep tones and golds. Ancient paintings and altars adorn the side walls, many from the 14th century. The choir stalls are deeply carved and ornamented with wooden spires. The old stained glass carries forth Biblical stories. High above the nave is a majestic tower of cut stone. The entry door depicts Christ and His disciples.

One city, light and dark, both wonderful. WEG



  1. Donna Pyle says:

    Absolutely stunning! Wandering for hours in beautiful cathedrals, learning their histories, and taking time to sit in the pews to soak it all in is a favorite past time. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

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