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What’s for Dinner? This Could Be my Last Meal…Think Hard About It!

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Vote now—Did I get: A. Nutritional gruel—(spoken in my best terrified little Davy Copperfield voice, “Please, Kathy, may I have some more?”) B. Lobster (my intended goal) C. Nothing (“You’ll eat what is put in front of you and if that isn’t good enough, you’ll go to bed hungry!”)

I am not really responsible for what I write this evening, since I have been running a temperature since this morning. It is right on the line. My notes say if I run a temperature higher I need to call the cancer center duty nurse who is 24/7. I’ve been drinking ice water to keep it below the line. Had I had lobster, I’m sure the temperature would have gone away. You know I’m right.

Most of this week it seemed as if my head was not connected to my body. The doctor team added immune suppressing drugs to my regimen. I have been washed out. I’m still feeling good considering all the drugs that are being pumped into my body.

So there is good news to share! I have been having labs during my treatment and in my visit with my primary oncologist/hematologist Friday, I was informed that although too early to assess the full effects of the treatments (that takes about six weeks and I begin week three Monday) my numbers all went in the right direction, indicating that my treatments are taking hold. Furthermore, my insurance company called and I now have an online/telephone nurse who will guide me. This is amazing. She went over all my benefits, will help with scheduling, will take care of all financial records, reimbursements, etc. I also have received pre-approval for a bone marrow transplant should my doctor team and I decide this is in my best interest. The head of the downtown Methodist Medical Center Transplant Center is my specialist and we meet this next week. My insurance-provided out of state nurse gushed over the fact that I have this doctor and can have a transplant in this Center. “At the top of all our national lists,” she asserted. So I wondered, “How did I get this doctor?” My oncologist/hematologist answered that when he told me he had been mentored by this specialist. He said, “If I were having this procedure done, this is the doctor I would have. I wouldn’t want less for you.” Heart- rending.

I have been highly blessed!—Immediate treatment, grand doctors and nurses, no glitches on insurance, my body able to take the massive drugs I am receiving, numbers heading in the right direction and a wife who is more than loving and helpful. Who can complain—even if I didn’t get the lobster—at least I am not going to bed hungry.

Praise Report: Labs indicating that the treatments are working. Pre-approval for a bone marrow transplant.

Prayer Request: Strength as the immure-suppressing drugs do their work. Week Three of infusion drugs and shots (the stomach shot burns and leaves a big welp and bruise). Lobster night at the Graumann’s.


  1. Loretta Blendermann says:


  2. marthavanbuskirk says:

    So glad to hear the good news about your treatments! Praise God from whom all blessings flow…and it sounds like everything around you is proceeding well and peacefully. Prayers coming right up as requested! Love and hugs!

  3. Linda McLellan says:

    Wayne & Kathy, I am so sad that you both are faced with this difficult challenge. Not only do you have a team praying for you but you are such an inspiration to all of us.
    Can’t send you a lobster dinner now but will keep that menu order in mind for the future.
    Affectionately, Lindy

  4. Raymond Van Buskirk says:

    Continued prayers for you and Kathy and the family that these treatments have the desired results and that the Lord Jesus lays His healing hand upon you to restore you and encourage you by His grace. Amen
    Ps The 🦞 is grateful too to be spared for another day.

  5. Rick & Sharlyn says:

    Thanks for the updates. You’re both definitely in our prayers!

  6. Belinda Burmeister says:

    What a wonderful God we serve to have set all things in motion. Praying for you and Kathy!

  7. Michele Snow says:

    First, you make us laugh out loud. I love your humor, faith, and terrific attitude. I am so thankfu for God’s many blessings -l the numbers are moving the right way, the great care you are receiving, and the pr-apprval for the bone marrow transplant. Praying that you are able to continue tolorate the treatments and that Kath fins a way to make lobster flavored gruel.


  8. Sandra Ruml says:

    God is good and praise for good numbers and prayers for strength. Love to you and Kathy.

  9. Lisa, Jacob, Janet and Al says:

    Even as you travel this rocky road, you remain the tour guide with humor and points of interest. Our thoughts and prayers go with you and Kathy. BTW, I suggest the lobster.

  10. Loretta Blendermann says:

    All great news!!! Thanks for keeping us updated! So thankful you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Continued prayers for you, your lovely bride and all your doctors & staff. We know who is in control and i ask for His strength, peace and comfort as you go through this and complete healing!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🙌

  11. Cheryl Burke says:

    Praising God that the treatments are working. Praying they continue to work. I have always enjoyed your humor, and it along with your faith will most definitely help you through this.

  12. Lorna weible says:

    This is all wonderful news! Leaving out the lobster, you got a 10 out of 10!! Thank you Jesus. Prayers continue for strength for both you and Kathy. How ‘bout some smallish lobsters called mud bugs?! Keep the good news coming!


  13. Lisa Litke says:

    Your zest for life amazes me Wayne.
    Kathy you are such a wonderful example of a
    godly wife. You both inspire me. I am praying for your healing and for the sweet Holy Spirts comfort for you both.
    I LOVE LOBSTER! You are killing it Kathy!
    Love you both dealy,
    Lisa Litke

  14. Terry Poldrack says:

    When we still lived in AR, my husband had a bone marrow transplant. It was 5 years ago and he’s doing great! You continue to be on my daily prayer list.

  15. Paul says:

    Wayne you are in our prayers. If you don’t get the lobster shout out. I know where they live.

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