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September 29, 2022

Wayne and Randy prepare to tour the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart with Kathy and Melisa.
Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Standly’s and we spent afternoon hours at the magnificent Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Uber modern, the museum is designed to show the significant contributions the company has made to modern transportation and engineering. Mercedes and Benz independently invented the gas-powered engine and automobile in 1889 in cities not far apart. Later, they combined their efforts to form the company we know today. The museum showcases the very first cars to the most recent in beautiful fashion. Early on, the inventors recognized the multiple uses that the engines could power, like the first fire engines, the first emergency vehicles, etc. Historic examples of all the firsts are on display. For car buffs, this museum is a must. We enjoyed our time and believe we learned much from this time machine of history. Later, we visited the streets around the Palace Square and found the castle and premiere shoppings area near the beautiful Stiftskirche—a Lutheran Church—where the organist was practicing on the massive pipe organ in the church. Building of the church began in the 10th century. Heavily damaged in World War II, it was restored in a more modern style in the 1950s. Most all of the rulers of Württemberg are buried in the church.  

The Standly’s, Krahn’s and Paluch’s had an eventful morning finding and using a laundromat. It took a cab to finally get them to the destination where friendly locals helped them wash and dry their travel clothes. They now look and smell fresh and clean—not that they didn’t before :-). 

We slept late, were in no rush and enjoyed a leisurely evening eating out. We will sleep well tonight.

One of the earliest automobile engines
Kathy and Melisa also enjoyed the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
The Stiftskirche—a Lutheran Church in Stuttgart


Lutheran Church in Stuttgart
The Organ in Stuttgart’s Lutheran Church
Randy and Melisa Standly

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  1. Chris Bregenzer says:

    Wunderbar!! Did you record any of the organ playing?

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