September 28, 2022

Randy had an adventure—He left his phone in the maxi-cab we took to the Hauptbahnhof (central train station) in Munich. Melisa has constantly asked him if he had his phone, but today she did not! “So it is really her fault,” according to Randy. We were all on the train heading to Stuttgart, Germany, when it was discovered the phone was missing. Because the phone contained too much valuable information, Randy jumped off the train in Augsburg and hailed a taxi for the 45 minute ride back into Munich. His taxi driver contacted the taxi driver who had the phone—thankfully, we had his number on the receipt he gave me when I paid the bill—and they agreed on a pick up spot. Randy was delivered to the Munich Hauptbahnhof where he caught a new train to Stuttgart. The ordeal was about four hours long and $$$, but Randy has his phone back. 

Because our hotel was right outside the Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart, we walked, and walked, and walked due to heavy construction in the station area. Germany is greatly upgrading its already wonderful rail service, and we have noticed that stations and rail are in upgrade everywhere. Finally at our hotel, we soon discovered that we had no rooms…because…we.were.at.the.wrong.hotel! Since our hotel (same name—sister hotel) was only a severn minute walk, we walked again, only to discover something we really already knew—triple the number of minutes they tell you. Texans don’t walk as fast as Germans. On the way, I tired of waiting for the lights to turn green. Germans patiently wait, even with absolutely no cars in sight—they follow the rules to the letter. I told Karen, “No cars; I’m going.” Karen dutifully followed me; but, I didn’t see the very tiny bit of a car coming our way. Scoot we did! Once safely on the other side, Karen grabbed me and pushed me towards the oncoming traffic and screamed, “You said there were no cars!” I said, “It looked like a bug.” She replied, “I’ll squash you like a bug” or something similar. 

Safely in our correct hotel (a very nice one) we sat in the bar for drinks and snacks while waiting for Randy’s return. Interestingly, the hotel is right by the Hauptbahnhof—we simply took the very very long way around to get there. We were all happy to have him safely return! We walked to the Palace Platz of Stuttgart in a pedestrian zone and enjoyed the pleasant weather and comfortable ambiance. We also enjoyed the Volksfest (People’s Festival) that was in full swing around the huge platz (square). Finding a wonderful German restaurant (huge beer barrels served as intimate dining outside), we sat in cozy inside seating. The food was marvelous. Several ordered Swabish (the old designation for the Stuttgart region) delicacies, such as pork and spinach pasta rolls. I ordered what I called “monster” pork knuckle with bread dumpling and white cabbage slaw. I could not ever eat 1/3 of it because it was so huge. Since Allen had stayed in for the evening, I asked for a “to go” box so he could have something to eat if he wanted—yes, they have “to go” and, yes, they charge. 

It turned out to be a fun and enjoyable day with lots of laughs. We travel well together. 

“Street food” available at the Volksfest
The Volksfest (People’s Festival) in the Stuttgart Palace Square
Melisa inside the beer barrel private dining area of the restaurant in which we ate dinner
Wayne’s “monster” pork knuckle dish with bread dumpling and cabbage salad
Marty and Karen enjoy the dining experience with our travel group in Stuttgart.
Delicious Swabish meal many in our travel group enjoyed.

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  1. Chris Bregenzer says:

    Sounds as if you definitely got in your 10,000 steps for the day. We’ve gone “the long way” around to quite a few places in Europe…..not fun. We always called it “the scenic route” when we finally arrived at our destination.

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