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A Day Off

Randy & Melisa in Colmar, France

Randy and Melisa had a wonderful day in Colmar and Riquewihr, France. Both are medieval villages in the Vosges Mountain area of eastern France not far from Strasbourg. They are in a wine growing region known for their white wines, especially Riesling and Pinot Noir.  A part of the Alsace province, they are quaint and filled with half-timbered houses and buildings.

Colmar is filled with canals and hosts a popular Christmas Market (actually the word Christmas Market usually means several different markets in various parts of the city). You are transported back in time in Colmar. Randy and Melisa hit every market during their stay. They went on to Riquewihr for the mid-afternoon and were quite impressed with its beauty and massive city gates. A smaller village, Riquewihr sits on the wine road of France, built on the side of a mountain. Randy and Melisa were blessed to find a cab driver who took very good care of them, driving them to take pictures of the area and coming back later to pick them up and bring them to the train station in Colmar.

Kathy and I took the day off. Kathy had suffered a fall in the Basel, Switzerland, train station two days ago. The station was in remodeling and we were routed outside in the dark to get to our platform. The incline toward the station in the dark rolling her luggage caused her to fall hard—breaking her glasses (thankfully, she brought an extra pair). She now sports a black and blue face. I had become exhausted after all our travels with no real break or sleep time. We decided we needed a break day and so we rested and slept the day away. It was a wise decision. WEG

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  1. Lorna Weible says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Kathy’s fall. Sending prayers that she is soon all healed up. I hope both of you get some needed rest. Continued safe travels.

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