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The Part Cannot Define the Whole

Mighty cathedral bells, angelic choirs, Christmas lights of every description, Christmas Markets down every lane, street performers and happy people are descriptors of the Strasbourg Marche de Noel. We were immediately cast into the Christmas spirit. One picture cannot capture the whole experience. So very exciting.

The Strasbourg, France, Cathedral has a wondrous facade, the red stones taken from the local mountains. Once inside viewing the tapestry-laden aisles we heard a melodious choir singing. The sounds echoed through the chambers. We were inspired! The large and hand carved and painted astronomical clock in one of the side chapels chimed out the hour as carved figures moved in whimsical fashion.

Outside, streets in every direction were lighted in Christmas display. Large Christmas scenes adorned stores and shops. The river was decorated in lights and wreaths. Our apartment street has large crystal chandeliers encased in mesh boxes that light up beautifully at night. A humongous Christmas tree is the center of attention in a city square. The Christmas Markets (they spill down streets and lanes) are filled with small shops with a coordinated decoration plan—lights, wreaths, music. Really, it is experiential overload, but not in a negative way. The spirit is uplifted.

Randy and Melisa and we are sharing a spacious and wonderful apartment that has views of the cathedral spire and sits on the edge of the largest Christmas Market. We simply step outside into another world, a Christmas world. It is more than cool! This has been an aspiration for a long time (European Christmas Markets and Concerts). We purchased Alsatian Christmas cookies (some made with almond flour) and a local Riesling wine and enjoyed them in our apartment  God has blessed us with the ability to experience this joy. WEG

Why did we choose Strasbourg, France, to visit at Christmas, we’ve been asked. The first traditional Christmas Market in Strasbourg, the Christkindelsmarik, the oldest in France, was held in 1570 when Alsace switched to Protestantism, giving the label, “Capital of Christmas,” to Strasbourg, a UNESCO world heritage site. KG

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