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Charming Village

After a lot of activity over the past several days, Kathy and I decided to have a chill out day and leisurely explore Cotacachi, our home for six days. We walked down quiet streets and visited the area historical museum. It explored the development of two important aspects of life in this part of Ecuador–leather goods and music. Very well done. Flowers and trees are blooming, and we enjoyed the simple beauty of God’s creation.

Our lunch was magnifico! Kathy had a quinoa soup–super foods are grown here and the area is a Mecca for health-seeking folks–remember Kathy’s bee sting/pollen therapy from a past post–that’s just one of many different kinds of health clinics here. By the way, Kathy tried to get me to go for the bee sting thing today. Didn’t happen. I told her that I already “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee,” to quote boxer Ali. My lunch was an appetizer–avocado stuffed with shrimp in a lime cream vinaigrette and topped with pickled green and red onions. Best such appetizer I have ever eaten.


On our ramble through the city, we ran into an American (U.S.) expatriate, and she invited us to see her condominium nearby. We went and were absolutely impressed with the compound and the condominiums–beautiful and with sweeping views of the volcanoes. Our visit was great as she recounted the joys of living here and told us of how one is able to accommodate to a new culture. We found out that one of the units with straight-on views of  15,200 foot Volcan Imbabura was for sale. Tempted–yes! Permanent move–no!

I noticed that when we were on the “leather street,” filled with shops selling hand made leather products, as well as other clothing, shoes, and purses, that Kathy had noticed an Ecuadorian shawl in a window. Not a spender, especially on self, she walked on by. Later, I convinced her to buy several leather clothing items and that took some convincing. We walked by the “shawl in the window” as we meandered the street, and sure enough, in she went, and it fit perfectly, and so home it goes. I know her well and was certain that before we left Cotacachi, she would have it, because, although she spends little, when she sees something she really likes…WEG


  1. The DeFoors says:

    Enjoying the beauty of another place is a wonderful experience. Permanent move, experience will never be the same. Wonderful travelogue!

  2. Renee Hardaway says:

    How did you find this beautiful place? Love the views of the mountains, houses, etc. Renee

    • wgraumann says:

      Renee, I read about it several years ago and put it away in my mind. When we decided to go to Peru this summer, I looked at the map and saw that Ecuador was on the way to Peru, I just added two and a half weeks to the trip and here we are. You would be shocked at the excellent quality of the homes and the cheap prices. Many U.S. seniors are moving here because of the climate, low housing and food prices. We have throughly enjoyed our time here in Cotocachi. We leave tomorrow for a week in Cuenca, Ecuador, considered one of South America’s best preserved “colonial’ cities. I read about it years ago as well.

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