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Catedral La Matriz in Cotacachi, Ecuador


  1. Sandi Ruml says:

    I have to ask, why Ecuador? What sparked your interest, have you been in the area before. I guess when I think of taking a trip this isnt the first place that comes to mine. I love your pictures and your descriptions, thanks for taking me on this trip with you. You have an amazing talent for writing you know my dear.

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks, Sandi, for the compliment–I enjoy writing–it just comes out when I sit down to type. Why Ecuador? I had read articles about it over the years, especially as a retirement haven. That peaked my interest. As I read more, I found out that it is South America’s most stable and safe country (economy based on the dollar) with astounding natural beauty–Galapagos Islands to Andes to Amazon to Pacific–all in a relatively small package. It is quite inexpensive and feels like the 1950’s in manners and lifestyle. Finally, I looked on the map and saw that it was directly in line with our already planned trip to Peru, so Kathy and I decided, let’s just go, so we added two and a half weeks, and here we are.

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