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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: A Pleasant Surprise

I had low expectations for our trip to Eisenach. I thought it was a backwater and had nothing to offer other than the Wartburg Castle, which was the reason for our visit. What a surprise was in store! The city is very German in architecture and atmosphere. Quaint, yet with really good eating establishments and shopping streets. Walking about is easy and public transportation is easy to figure out. Our accommodations are excellent. We have throughly enjoyed our visit.

We took a city bus up the high hill on which the Wartburg Castle sits. When we debarked, we discovered that the castle was still a ways up and the only way to get there was to climb the steep staircase. Once accomplished, we found magnificent views over the countryside and also the city below. The trees are turning fall colors and that made the views even more spectacular.

We spent time looking at some of the castle’s treasures, some dating back a thousand years. The collection of paintings by Cranach the Elder were especially pleasing. We then wound our way to the Luther rooms where the 16th century religious reformer hid out in protective custody when the Pope declared him a heretic and the Emperor declared him an outlaw. During this time he standardized the disparate German language by translating the Bible’s New Testament into a common German so that the people could read it for themselves. Thus, by protecting Luther, the castle played a significant part in history.

Tomorrow, Mike and Sandra and Sherlene head to Frankfurt where they will board a plane for their trip home. Allen and Rhonda and Kathy and I will continue on our adventure. We have had a wonderful time together over the past month. WEG


  1. Roger Tornga says:

    We are so happy for you. Thank you for taking us all with you on your amazing discoveries.

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