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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: Up in the Tyrol

September 29, 2016

The air is fresh and crisp; the trees have a tinge of fall color; the mountains reflect in the lake and there is serenity and quiet. Gone is the madness that is the Oktoberfest in Munich–hello nature.

Hallstatt usually appears on those top ten lists of prettiest places in Europe, and it is easy to see why. The village is squeezed against and up the mountain on one side and borders a clear lake on the other. Ducks and swan ply the water along with small boats, none high-powered. Our hotel sits on water’s edge across the lake from the village, and we have sweeping views of the lake and mountains that ring it. It is as refreshing as it is spectacular. We are in the Austrian Tyrol and happy to be here.

Our meal tonight was fresh rainbow trout caught today in the river that flows into the lake. Buttered potato wedges and salad accompanied. I started off with a garlic soup made with fresh cream and butter. Delicious! The Austrian beer was quite good. Tonight we sleep with an open glass door onto our patio, so that we can breathe the wonderful air and sleep warmly under our feather duvets. Maybe I’ll count the sheep that I saw on the train ride here today. WEG

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