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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: A Mountain Retreat



Mittenwald is a painted village high in the German Alps just past Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is a simply delightful mountain locale. Known for the painted scenes, or pictures, on the buildings as well as its setting surrounded by jagged peaks, the village is serene, pastoral and quaint. We enjoyed the train ride to the village on our day trip out of Munich as we began ascending first through rolling hills with green fields, some holding flocks of sheep, to mountainous terrains with tall trees, some beginning to turn gold, to high mountain country near the tree line.

Our meal at a wonderful German restaurant with painted ceilings and wooden beams was more than delicious. I ate my first jäger schnitzel, a pork cutlet smothered with creamed mushrooms and a side salad with a dressing made with fresh cream that was so good I actually drank what remained. (Yes, I made sure no one was watching.)

The day was relaxing as we breathed clean mountain air in 64F temperature and sat in a park with a trickling fountain and beautiful flowers looking out at the surrounding scenery. WEG

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