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Drive By Shots

Somehow, in planning our western journey, I did not plan time for the wonders of Utah beyond the area around Park City. When we drove south toward New Mexico today, I discovered we would drive right by two national parks–Arches and Canyonlands. We would not have time to tour them. As we drove into the area, the landscapes were impressive. The rust red canyons and rock pinnacles thrusting into the sky called out for me to turn towards them and throw my schedule aside. Knowing that this was impossible, I resisted the siren call and drove steadfastly onward. We were blessed, however, in that the drive took us by amazing sights–a large mountain arch, red mountains made even brighter by a gentle rain falling on the rocks, deep canyons, fields of massed yellow flowers and unusual rock formations. If such beauty was on the borders of the highway, what beauty must lie within the parks? At least we were able to take a few photos as we drove past. Kathy and I consoled ourselves with the thought that we will return someday, God willing. WEG




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  1. Melisa standly says:

    bummer….don’t you wish you had more time. Perhaps another year of travel is in the planning?

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