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It’s Pronounced “Or’ – u- gun”

It is not Ore-a-gone or anything close to that! In spite of the spelling, it is pronounced “Or’ – u – gun.” That factoid is one not to be forgotten when traveling in this beautiful state. Today, our friends, Mark and Miriam Hoelter of Portland, took their day to escort us around to some of the sites in and around the city. We had a grand day! The rose garden in Washington Park was in vibrant bloom giving us proof as to why the city is known as the City of Roses. The trip up Mt. Hood to the sturdy, rugged and depression-era Timberline Lodge was a treat. Not only were the views of the snow-covered Cascade Range in full view, but the national park lodge was an artistic treat with its animal-carved balusters and hand-forged metal handrails highlighting thick hand-cut stair and balcony railings. Rich nature paintings and mosaics covered the walls and a massive stone central fireplace spanned two floors. Rock and wooden flooring complemented the hand-made furnishings used throughout the building.

Multnomah Falls, a 700 foot drop of cascading water, is the second highest year round waterfall in the United States. Impressive. The clear blue waters of the wide Columbia River cut through deep tree-covered valleys. The downtown of Portland is very pedestrian friendly and an urban paradise. The mountains and mountain sports are 30 minutes to the east and the Pacific coast is 40 minutes to the west. The Willamette (pronounced “Wil-lam’-ette”) Valley with its agricultural base of vineyards and fruit orchards is immediately to the south and the Columbia River with sail boating and fishing is immediately to the north. There is everything to like here. We thoroughly enjoyed the day with loving friends as our guides. WEG

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