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A Road to Somewhere

I enjoy taking roads that are off the beaten path, and today Kathy and I did just that. I did not do it on purpose. The GPS took me the shortest route and that just happened to be over the mountain and through the woods. Yes, it was on a one lane gravel road that contained no guard rails on the high passes, but the views were priceless. The Willamette Valley spread out below us and the high farmlands were surrounded by pine forests and deep valleys. The oats in the fields were golden in color and ripe for harvest. It was an amazing pastoral scene. The end of the journey was an area containing seven waterfalls. We were high and could look down upon one of the major falls as it cascaded to the pool far below.

We also were able to visit the Oregon Garden, designed by the Nurseryman’s Association and containing a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The conifer garden was my favorite section of the park. It contained at least one conifer of every type on the planet. I had no clue. I marveled at the variegated varieties and the weeping spruce varieties. Interspersed by fountains and rock features, the garden was an impressive display. Our off the beaten path road took us somewhere special today. WEG


  1. janet schumann says:

    I hope you are taking lots of pic It sounds great

  2. John & Joyce says:

    If you are close to McMinnville, stop at the Evergreen Aviation Museum and see the Spruce Goose. We were there last year and thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent there. Love reading about your adventures! Be safe, Joyce & John

    • wgraumann says:

      We tried to go and had read up about it after you suggested it, but in the end had to decide between the “goose” and the county fair and we decided on the fair.

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