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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

I wanted to drive the Lost Coast Road north of Ft. Bragg since it is very sparsely trafficked and runs through a desolate region of California. It is also the meeting point of many of the earthquake fault plates. As a result, the area has more earthquakes than other places in California. I wanted to be able to say I had done it and survived. It didn’t happen as planned, since I learned about the magnificent redwood forests at the end of CA-1 in Northern California near Eureka and decided to take that drive instead. Kathy was happy with the change of plans, and I must say the drive along the Avenue of the Giants was awesome. California’s Humboldt Redwood State Park is home to the world’s oldest standing forest. There are older individual trees in other places, but this forest has stood for over 2,000 years and what remains is from what was once the planet’s largest forest. Many of the trees are over 360 feet tall (the tallest trees in the world), and the deep shadow the canopy produces is ethereal. We found ourselves pulled towards walking amongst these magnificent trees many times. I also drove the van through the hollowed-out part of the Chandelier Tree, which is a mere 315 feet tall, but still growing. It was a fantastic drive.

Once in Eureka, we settled into our motel, and went to eat at a restaurant next door. All of the sudden, the building began to shake. Yip, it was a mild earthquake. So, I had my earthquake fix in what I discovered to be the most northern point of the Lost Coast. What a day! WEG


  1. Nora The Nomad says:

    I’m soooo jealous! The only 2 things on my bucket list are an earthquake and the aurora borealis. God has chosen to stick me in NOLA where I will seemingly live forever, as my bucket list can’t be completed down here. Have fun!

    NORA of NOLA

  2. pat70x7 says:

    Eureka is where our son Robert lives and fishes just about every day in his kayak. The picture on Robert’s (my husband) Facebook page was taken in that part of Northern California near Trinidad. Lots to do and see there!

  3. Wayne, did you guys see the other big tree at mendicno with the large base and many fingers reaching to the sky that I had mentioned earlier??

  4. dshusfeld says:

    Glad you are enjoying California – your travels there bring back many wonderful memories of when I lived there.

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