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Over the years I have planned to go to gardens as we traveled because Kathy loves them so. Our children knew that I would drive out of the way because a roadside sign advertised a garden of some type. They got used to going with the flow.

Today , the Mendocino Botanical Garden was about a mile from our hotel in Ft. Bragg, California–no out of the way there. This garden is the only coastal botanical garden in California and our three hours there were filled with beautiful and educational sights. Massive flower plantings representing the coastal climate filled acres of the garden and they were in full bloom–breath taking. The rest of the garden was divided into sections representing coastal areas around the world and they were educationally marked and interesting. The California vegetable garden was wonderful, the dahlia (in full bloom) quadrangle was colorful and bright and the coastal trail was magnificent. It was a very satisfying time and my wife was more than happy! I did well, WEG

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  1. alevagerhardt says:

    Hey guys, remember I told you about the big tree in Mendocino a few weeks ago when you were at Big Sur.. the Big tree is huge at the bottom and about 30 feet up are many tall finger reaching to the sky. ask someone about it. it should truly be worth seeing.

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