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Kathy and I love San Francisco. Today we were able to return, but from a different angle. Rather than staying in the city, we chose to stay across the bay in Larkspur Landing and take the ferry across the bay, past Alcatraz, and into the Ferry Terminal along the Embarcadero. Our hotel is in a bayside shopping and dining village and only a ten minute walk to the ferry. The ride this morning, in the fog, took us only 30 minutes. The views of the Richmond Bridge and the double decker Bay Bridge were clear, but the Golden Gate Bridge was hazy in the fog. The skyline of San Francisco is simply stunning and beautiful. Once on the ferry terminal with its myriad shops and eateries, we were happy to discover a farmer’s market in progress as well. I could have stopped at every stall and gotten something to eat, but refrained as I had several San Francisco treats that were on my “to do list” for the day.

*Macaroons–not just any macaroons, mind you, but the ones from one bakery in China Town. They are moist and coconut filled and covered in dark chocolate. Could my memory locate the bakery and would they still sell macaroons? When it comes to food, my memory is a lockbox and we walked right to the bakery, Macaroons–check. By the way, walking up the steep hills of San Francisco more than took off the calories from the macaroons. This is the kind of exercise I like. Cool weather (65F) and beautiful and interesting sites and treats at the end.

*Cioppino–Chip-een-o is an old Italian San Francisco fish stew that got its name from the fishermen chipping in some of their day’s catch for the evening meal. One restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf has my favorite cioppino. We got an outdoor table and I made a royal mess cracking the crab shells, but the taste was heavenly.

*Crepes–on Pier 39, and you watch them make yours. This was my dessert and it was mm-m mm-m good. Filled with bananas and strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate, it was a winner. True to form, for those of you who have followed this blog, my wife went for ice cream while I went for pastry.

It felt good to revisit this beautiful city and revisit some of my favorite San Francisco treats. WEG


  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    We’re going to be there in October. Maybe we’ll follow in your footsteps!!

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