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So Different and Yet the Same

So Different and Yet the Same
What is so different?
1. Our lodging: We went from California rustic environmentally chic in Big Sur (which was wonderful) to California uptown modern lux in Monterey. When we arrived at our lodging in Monterey we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had been upgraded—why, we do not know—but upgraded still the same. We had to wait awhile until the room was finished being cleaned, but the clerk assured us that it was worth the wait. And indeed, it was. It was not a room but the presidential suite! It is two floors of absolute comfort and luxury with a huge patio overlooking Monterey Bay, Fisherman’s Wharf and the yacht harbor. We went from a bathroom so small, leaving the door open allowed your behind to have room to wiggle, to a bathroom suite so large our whole family, grandkids included, could fit in (none of them are with us so we have it all to ourselves). Oh my, oh my, how wonderful.
2. The Ambiance: We went from rugged, big timbered, crashing ocean on cliff-lined shores scenery to sandy bay shores. We went from wild flowered hillsides to planned gardens and huge pots filled with blooming flowers of every description. We went from aloneness to people-filled streets. We went from simple pleasures to choices galore. We took a refreshment break sitting around an outdoor fire pit, the flames shooting from the glass rocks, and gathered some warmth on a cool, yet sunny day. We browsed the galleries and shops in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea—a quaint town that is stunning in many ways and very close to Monterey. We had a hard time making a decision as to which wonderful fish restaurant to choose along Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. When we returned to the hotel, the concierge asked where we had eaten and didn’t think we chose the right one—we enjoyed it, none the less.
What is the same?
1. The climate: How wonderful it is to be in late July and the temperatures are in the low 70’s F during the day, if not cooler, and in the low 50’s F at night. And the sun is shining! No sweat, no humidity, just wonderful weather.
2. The flowers—They are blooming and abundant all along the journey and they are beautiful whether on hillsides or in gardens or street plantings.
3. The ocean—It never stops being a wonderful sight. WEG


  1. Dianne Reese says:

    So which do you prefer? Both sound wonderful to me. You are making me want to take another trip down the coast of California like I did when my son was 14 and he is now 43.

  2. alevagerhardt says:

    Are you guys planning to go North of Santa Rosa CA. I just saw a place on facebook called the Enchanted forest of Mendocino, Ca on Hwy 1. google it and you will see what I mean. I just love following your travels and you’ll are showing things that i have missed in my many travels to Calif over the years. This one especially, since I have family in Santa Rosa and up the west coast. I guess I have never been on hwy 1 this far north.

  3. Linda Schaefer says:

    Enjoying each description & seeing it in my mind’s eye. So happy for you & Cathy.

    For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing: it is the gift of God. Eph 2:8

  4. melisa standly says:

    Wow….I’m with you ‘in my mind’…..

  5. Michele Snow says:

    Alaine took Jack and I to this area when he was 4. I fell in love with it. I still remember the wonderful little shops and brick oven pizza in Carmel and Dennis the Menace Park and the incredible aquarium in Monterey Bay, and of course, the beach and the seafood…such happy memories! It sounds like you are enjoying it as well. What an incredible blessing at the hotel! Blessings on your continued journey.

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