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Art and Architecture

Chicago is rightly known for its art and architecture. The mix of Gothic, Art Deco and Modern in the buildings in Chicago create a wonderful and harmonious blend. Because the skyline has many famous skyscrapers–the Willis (Sears); John Hancock; Trump; Wrigley and Tribune to name a few, one looks upward for long periods of time. Yet, the magnificent public sculptures that fill courtyards keep one looking at the beauty on street level. Parks dot the landscape and the Millennium Park and Grant Park with majestic and playful fountains and large plantings of flowers and shrubs call one to relax under the shade.

The Chicago Institute of Art is a fine museum with an awesome collection of Impressionist art. All the major painters are represented. In addition, the museum houses collections of art from antiquity and the Orient and Africa. What a wonderful day we enjoyed walking amidst the abundant art and architecture of this great American city. WEG










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  1. Michele Snow says:

    I have been “jonesing” for Chicago. Now you know what I was blessed to experience growing up in New Lenox. My Dad would take us to Chicago at least one Saturday a month. The museums, the architecture, the shopping, the sports….Chicago is my kind of town! So glad you’re enjoying it!

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