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Pizza Chicago Style

I got to eat my favorite pizza today in Chicago–from Lou Malnati’s. I’m not the only one who thinks it is the best pizza. It regularly gets voted the best by various rating groups. Think butter crust that is flaky and crisp and deep dish style without being thick and gooey. Think Italian sausage that is cooked and sliced length wise and chopped tomatoes and specialty cheese and roasted garlic and sweet onions. I enjoyed every last bite! What made it even better for Kathy and me was that we were joined by Chuck and Karen Mueller, our good Chicago (Roselle) friends.

We enjoyed our entire day–walking around the “loop” area of downtown Chicago. We just walked and enjoyed the weather and the stunning architecture of the city with big shoulders. Huge gargoyles adorn the city library; a Target store has an amazing ironwork facade; huge skyscrapers jut heavenward in every direction; flower plantings line sidewalks, softening the urban landscape; the Chicago River crisscrosses the city spanned by wonderful pedestrian bridges; Macy’s flagship store has a subway stop in its basement; Union Station is still a traffic hub and is wonderfully restored; magnificent sculptures pop up in front of buildings; restaurants sport comfy outdoor seating and the “el” runs around the city core on elevated tracks that are an Art Deco masterpiece. Chicago is a pedestrian city, easy to walk, although quite large, and easy to love. It is hustle and bustle, and it has a large downtown population, so it feels alive and vibrant. It was a good day in a great American city.








  1. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    I am very impressed with your photography..you are getting some really neat shots.. you have learned a lot about backlighting and it is really showing.

  2. Mary Stockton says:

    Wayne and Kathy — Did you know that Greg Hintz just accepted a call to Chicago? He and Sara will be serving at St. Peters (which is in a northern suburb, I think?) They are so excited to be moving there with their seven children and partnering with Sr. Pastor Jerry Hayes and his family. One of their main ministries will be missions — possibly in Africa. Isn’t that exciting! Pastor Hayes was especially precious to our family as we loved on my mom in her last days in St. Louis. I love our church body! Enjoy every minute!

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks for the information Mary. If this is the St. Peter’s I think it is, at one time it was synods largest congregation and then a number of internal matters caused it to decline. It is a great place and with new and energized leadership will be a great ministry again. Yea, God! Btw, I really appreciated your advice to “begin with the end in mind.” I pray continued blessings on your family.

      • melisa standly says:

        Wow…pizza in every language!! I’m so glad to hear that travelling in the states is just as adventuresome as abroad…you seem to having such a wonderful time.

        We miss you but are so glad to travel vicariously with you!

      • wgraumann says:

        Any possibility of eating out with Hancocks and us this weekend to share Italian tales?

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. melisa standly says:

    we are available on Friday night….and again on Monday night…let me know

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