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Another Chapter Closed

Ft. Wayne was in the midst of spring–lilac, pear, apple and cherry trees in full bloom and flowers everywhere. The seminary campus, designed by Eero Saarinen, was crisp and manicured. It was hard to believe that 12 years ago I began my service on the Board of Regents, the last nine as chair. Now, I was chairing my last meeting and participating my last time officially in the graduation events. Throughout the day, the old bell rang out in the campus upper plaza, as graduates who had finished all their requirements rang it out to the applause of friends and family, as is campus tradition.

My tenure has seen many advancements at the seminary. Two great presidents, Wenthe and Rast, had ably led these advancements forward–a ten year accreditation pin, the highest achievement; a new library; the complete upgrade to the infrastructure of the campus; a new curriculum; distance learning; technological advancements; hugely increased endowment fund; worldwide mission efforts and a great balance sheet. I was privileged to support them and cheer them on. And now that season of my life is over.

I was honored that a wonderful dinner was held in my honor and the after graduation faculty, staff and invited guest hors d’oeuvres fellowship was Texas themed in my honor. I also delivered the commencement address. Enough kind words were spoken to me that they will last for quite some time in my memory.

Now we are in Chicago and it is “my kind of town.” WEG



  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    So glad you are back in the good old U S. of A. Welcome home!

  2. Jill Carter says:

    Well done good and faithful servant! It was a joy to share the journey of Ft. Wayne with you.

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