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Perspective and angle are important in getting a full picture. You get a different perspective of a place by looking at it from the sea, rather than from the land. Ferries that hug the coastline are great for giving a new perspective of a historic site. We took the ferry from Lerici, Italy, to see the Cinque Terre (five lands) along the Italian Rivera. Along the way the ferry stopped in Porta Venera. It was a place of which I had never heard. It turned out to be a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. Surrounded by the Mediterranean and located at the opening of a beautiful bay, with three small but mountainous islands just off the shore, the cities pastel-colored buildings were overlooked by a large castle on one side and a historic church complex (over 1000 years) on the other. That was the magical perspective from the ferry. Once on shore, the walk along the ocean was flower-filled and refreshing. The narrow side streets were filled with shops and restaurants. Ancient rock walls and walkways led to higher streets. The church dedicated to St. Peter was all white flower bedecked in preparation for a wedding, and outer balconies offered commanding views of the majestic coastline that stretched northward toward the Cinque Terre. Porta Venera was an unexpected pleasure. WEG





  1. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Wayne and Kathy, I am so impressed with your photography skills. How much they have improved. These three photos that your eyes are starting to see the perspective of the photo which brings out the true beauty that only the camera can capture. Love the photos..Great job.

  2. Donna Pyle says:

    Perspective makes all the difference – a perfect analogy for many things in life. Keep these beautiful pictures and lovely descriptions coming. Wonderful!

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks Donna. I have always believed in perspective from a higher view, especially as God would see it. I have, unfortunately, no always attained it.

  3. melisa standly says:

    so glad you got to go back to Cinque Terre….I did not get my fill of that place…and it looks completely different from the water’s view point.
    I cannot believe you have been travelling some five months..I imagine to time has flown for you as well…be safe coming home !

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