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A Bridge to Nowhere

Kathy and I decided to just walk Venice–no map–just see where each turn would take us. It was a fog-laden day, just the right kind of day for exploring narrow alleys and small plazas. Randy and Melisa were off to the Doges Palace. Kathy and I have been there and will likely go again later this year, so we opted for the walk. We had seen Murano earlier in the day and had watched a master glass blower make a vase. We also visited Burano where we had watched a skilled woman knit lace. (OK–we had to ride the vaporetto to get to those two small islands.) On our walk, we saw open courtyards and open churches–one had a magnificent painted ceiling and lit candles. We saw the great St. Mark’s Cathedral with its gold mosaics lining multiple domes. We saw little bridges, either stone or iron, and had to traipse over many of them. Everywhere were archways and towers. We often walked into a dead end at a canal or plaza and just turned around and tried a new route. I told Kathy that eventually we would end up somewhere, and we did–the Rialto Bridge and the fish market that we had seen earlier in the day. From the Rialto, we knew our bearings. It was an adventure–one I like–just launch out and see where the current takes you and enjoy the trip.








  1. Donna Pyle says:

    What a perfect adventure! Travel days where I follow my wandering feet wherever they lead have often been some of the most rewarding. So glad your shoes are made for walkin.’ (Are you singing it now, too?) Love to you both.

  2. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    I just love the photos. I especially like Wayne in front of jailhouse walkway. very interesting.

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