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Venice on My Mind

We effortlessly glided along the rails comfortably situated in our train coach. It was raining all across Italy. We rode past green pastures and large vineyards. Then suddenly, the Adriatic was on both sides of the track, signaling our arrival in the Venice St. Lucia Station. Venice does not change. The canals and bridges that cross them are ever-present. Old buildings with archways and shops of every description line very narrow streets. The good news is that there are no cars, bicycles or scooters to vie for the limited space. There are gondolas, water taxis, and vaporettos to ferry you if you do not wish to walk. It is so very easy to get lost. Streets do not always go through, ending abruptly at a wall or building or canal, and dark alleyways seem somewhat foreboding, especially on an overcast day. We spent our afternoon walking around and to see the great San Marco Square, large and formal and beautiful. Tomorrow holds much in store. WEG



  1. Pam Sanchez says:

    One of my very favorite cities – so unique! Love reading of your adventures every day… Continue to enjoy!

  2. Elaine says:

    Nice adventures you guys are having, but, do you ever take a day off?

  3. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Have you seen the Jail walkway between the building visible from the canal? We would have loved to have gone to the great San Marco Square where you took the photo. we were there in the summer and there were so many people crossing the little bridge from the canal taxi station that we did not go. I took photos from the taxi. Everyone told us when it is that is busy and you cross the little bridge to the square that you will probably have your pockets picked on the bridge. for that reason we just gave up and enjoyed the rest of the Taxi tour around the city. How long are you going to be in Venice.

  4. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    I was just looking at the google map of venice. I cannot find the square. I thought it was just north of the main canal just before you get to the cruise ship pier. I even found the water taxi site where we stopped on our city tour. We hope you really enjoy your visit to venice.

  5. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Are you planning on flying out of Venice to your next point of vacation??

  6. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    I went back to the map a second time and found the square and the bridge and the water taxi station stop.

  7. Nancy McCollum says:

    Kathy, what a nice article in the Houston Chronicle this morning about the powder mill monument at Spring Creek Park. You are mentioned several times in connection with your book, “From Hilltop to Hilltop…” and the piece even mentioned that the book is on sale at Salem!!

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