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If It Were a Snake, It Would Have…

It was right under our nose–an architectural gem–and we had not seen it. How was that possible? We were so comfortable in the historic old town that we no longer took a map on our outings, but somehow we missed this. El Divino Salvador Collegiate Church is considered a masterpiece of the Baroque expression of art and the high point of the Spanish School. It is exquisite in every detail. The realistic beauty and passion of the religious figures depicted throughout were often times breathtaking. We stood quietly in awe as beautiful music filled the space and gave it a majestic serenity. It was here on the masterful Baroque organ that De Arauxo composed “Facultad Organica,” one of the music world’s outstanding organ works. Our last full day in Seville–tomorrow we leave for Italy–and we accidentally left one of Spain’s best for last. WEG

(Please note: Occasionally on the video, I said, “Rococo,” when I should have said “Baroque.”)


  1. george ann reynolds says:

    Adios Spain-Ciao Italy! Can’t wait to follow your Italian escapades.

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks George Ann. We are sad to leave Spain. We went for a long walk today to take in views one more time. You will absolutely love Granada. Kathy and I did not know about the hotel at the base of the Alhambra–looks fantastic and has grand views–hopefully Micah will know the name. There is also an AC Carleton in the middle of Granada close to most everything, We stayed at one in Madrid and it was nice; it is a Marriott. Thanks for writing and enjoy Spain.

  2. Starlett Brautigam says:

    Wow! What a journey you two have had. It has been so fun to follow you through this blog. Absolutely can not wait to see Italy. Be safe and continue to enjoy your time together. You more than deserve this. God’s richest blessings to you both!!

  3. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Awesome video wayne. I think I would still be there taking photos. it is so unbelievable the amount of detail. it must have taken years to build.

    • wgraumann says:

      Such intricate work. I will try to post two more videos that are even better and show the detail much more closely. The internet is not cooperating with that yet.

  4. Patricia Krause says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures in Spain. I am sure you will enjoy Italy just as much because you and Kathy are blessed to be able to fine joy in all your experiences. 🙂

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