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To all of you sending Kathy notes of encouragement about the chocolate, she is hopelessly enamored without it. And, I have caught on to her shenanigans with the so called authentic Spanish hot chocolate, that is really nothing but straight and pure warm chocolate in a cup. Whether it is in solid or liquid form, it still has the same number of calories–one cup (btw–a cup for Kathy is a mug the size of a Texas quart jar) is an entire caloric intake for a day. I can eat 10 pastries and not even come close.

Tonight, we go to Teatro De La Maestranza for the Sinfonica De Sevilla in concert with Ravel, Saint-Saens, Schubert and Mozart on the play list. We have been looking forward to getting to this venue which looks impressive from the outside and is beside the famous Sevilla Maestranze or bull ring. I wanted to attend a fight there, but alas, the season opens after we depart. So, I am posting earlier today than usual. We will get back to our apartment after midnight unless the chocolate con churros shops are closed for the night, then we will get back earlier–I pre-bought some pastries just in case those shops are closed;-) WEG



  1. Frankie says:

    You go Kathy it sounds like you are really enjoying yourself.

  2. Lisa McShan Krakosky says:

    I challenge you to bring pastries back in your suitcase… I triple dog dare you!!!!!

  3. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    Wayne, Eva and I cannot figure what is in the photo???

  4. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    do we see 2 or 3 boxes of chocolate….too cool.

  5. Nora Maloy says:

    Love your posts. You two are so funny!

  6. angiehsnow says:

    I love your mischievous comments about Kathy’s love for chocolate! LOL (There you have it!!!…Your steadfast faith, love & respect fot each other…The Golden Rule…and, your zany, wonderful sense of humor!! I love it!) 🙂

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