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Age Well

Paris has aged well. Kathy and I have changed significantly since we were here 37 years ago, but Paris has not changed–at least the places we are seeing have not. Viewing the timeless beauty, the graceful charm and the majestic grandeur reminds me that while I change with time, like Paris or fine wine or gourmet cheese, I want to age well.



  1. Donna Pyle says:

    From where I’m standing, you and Kathy are aging extraordinarily well. Mental pictures of my trip to Paris flood my mind as your journey unfolds. The stunning flying buttresses and gleaming gargoyles of Notre Dame. The quaint used book stores and cafes in the Montparnasse district. The picturesque beauty of the Eiffel Tower lit at night. Ahhh…what a wonderful adventure you both are experiencing. Were it not for grace…

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