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Snowing in the City of Light

Snowing in the City of Light

The airplane landed amidst a snow storm over two hours behind schedule. Everything is slow. Our TGV train is late as well. Kathy and I look at each other and smile–we are in no rush–after all, WE ARE RETIRED, and we are in Paris. I slip on my fingerless gloves–they feel warm and I can type while we wait. The flight from Houston was great and we slept well, so we are doing fine. In the past, I rushed on vacation and now no rush. Somehow, this feels better–something about enjoying the journey while you move toward the destination.



  1. greta says:

    Glad y’all made it!

  2. Al & Eva Gerhardt says:

    A Eva and I have found out in retirement, there is never a need to rush, since it doesn’t matter when you get there. we really look forward to following you on your wonderful Journey. we are happy you had a safe start to the adventure.

  3. algphotos - att.net says:

    You guys enjoy the snow and stay safe as you continue on your journey

    Al Gerhardt ALGPHOTOS http://www.algphotos.com al@algphotos.com 713-410-6542

  4. Donna Pyle says:

    Enjoying the journey IS the journey. The destination? Merely a dot on the map. Enjoy!

  5. Debbie Linfield says:

    Snow? Enjoy, we don’t get much of that here in Tomball, you know! 🙂 Stay safe and have fun.

  6. Bob & Linda Schaefer says:

    Praying for your travels. So good to hear you
    are enjoying yourselves. No hurry. Be happy.

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