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If the Cancer Doesn’t Get Me, My Wife’s Driving Will 

April 23, 2023

Week One of my cancer treatment journey is over. This space is usually reserved for Kathy and my wonderful trips to fantastic places around the world. We have been blessed to take these journeys. We are now on a journey of another kind, but a journey none the less.

I am rarely driving now. I am not 100% and until I adjust to my new circumstances, I will not drive. That means Kathy is my chauffeur. This is trying to say the least! Her methodical maneuvers and slow approach cause me to take very deep breaths. This is good because my oxygen levels are dropping and deep breaths are recommended. However, I cannot keep from voicing my opinions, which affect her 0%. This is maddening. I dream now of traffic patterns and one slow car messing everything up—trucks honking loudly and road rage drivers weaving sharply in front of us. Some months ago, when I was driving, I sped up to pass a car and said out loud, “Reached my goal!” Kathy asked, “What goal?” and I responded, “…to get in front of that car…When I drive I always have goals. Don’t you have driving goals?” Kathy shrugged. I took that for a “no.” You see our current driving problem—right?

Speaking of goals—I’m not sure what they should be right now. To take my immunomonoclonal targeted therapy and to live as productive a life as possible, of course. To trust God and thank Jesus for my salvation, without question. I’m settling on simpler goals than I am used to setting—speaking a kind word to Conroe HCA Cancer Center employees and staff. To listen to the fears and hurts of fellow patients and be supportive and kind. To not complain about anything (poor driving skills are an exception) and receive with gratefulness. To count on the Holy Spirit to overcome my fears. To revel in the love poured out generously by family and friends. I reset these goals daily.

My first week had one hiccup—my oxygen levels dropped and I broke out in itchy hives. They stopped infusions and shot me full of Benadryl and an hour later I was back on treatments. On Wednesday, at home, I hit the wall, so to speak, and was so weak I could barely walk. I stayed down for the day, and on Thursday I had perked back up. Friday my week ended with labs. They will be sent to my doctor team and will begin to reveal how the treatments are affecting the defective plasma cells in my bone marrow.

 Praise Report: Your prayers for my body to accept the treatments were wonderful as that is exactly what happened Week One.

Prayer Request: That the treatments accomplish the slowing of the spread of my Multiple Myeloma.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13