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LAGOS–The Ocean Paradise No One’s Heard About

October 28 and 29, 2022

In coastal southern Portugal is an area known as the Algarve; Lagos is the star of the region. Blessed with wonderful weather year round, beautiful beaches and a charming old city, it is a delight. While Europeans know about the city, very few Americans have discovered it; however, that is changing. 

We arrived from Lisbon into the modern train station at Lagos—about a 2 1/2 hour journey. It was immediately obvious that this was a well-kept, clean and inviting place. White cobblestone streets with black cobblestone designs graced the streets. The buildings were primarily of white plaster, and we soon saw the Atlantic Ocean shimmering in the near distance. A yacht harbor lying inland was filled with masted boats and sleek cruisers. It was lined with little shops selling all sorts of items. We arrived at our condominium and right before us was one of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen! High craggy cliffs and numerous sea stacks (big rocks in the water) surrounded a large sandy beach where blue waves rushed toward the shore. We walked down the winding stairs to the sand and got a drink in the ocean side bar as we took in the refreshing breezes and beautiful sights. After we had quickly settled into the condo, we headed to the old town a short distance away. Once again, it was an amazing adventure with the beautiful white and black cobblestoned streets and upscale shops and restaurants. Music filled the air. Delightful! We ate a grand meal; Kathy and I had a fish soup filled with shell fish and monkfish with some vegetables. It was delicious and we could not eat it all, but Randy came to the rescue and finished it off. 

We were not in a rush in the morning and walked along the harbor and did some shopping and then ate a late lunch—once again, very good. Later, we got on a small tourist train that took us along the ocean front. We got off at one stop and walked on the myriad of trails and boardwalks that took us along the edge of the high cliffs above the ocean. The cliffs stretch for miles! We were agog with the sights of deep cliffs with crashing waves and sea caves and stone arches and giant sea stacks in the water. Many caves and arches! Some beaches intersperse the canyons below. It was nature at its best. 

We ate a light dinner and are packing up since Kathy and I leave tomorrow for Lisbon and then home. Randy and Melisa continue their journey through Spain and then take a Mediterranean cruise through Greece and Croatia before heading to the Holy Land where Kathy and I will rejoin them in December.  

Lagos, Portugal, is situated on the beautiful Western Algarve.

Photos are from the Ponta da Piedade headland in Lagos, Portugal, a series of highly weathered cliffs regarded as the finest natural feature of the Algarve.

A focal point of Lagos is the marina complex.

Drawbridge in the marina complex of Lagos, Portugal

Ancient Moorish city wall in Lagos, Portugal

Kathy could not resist experiencing one of the beautiful beaches that grace the coastline of Lagos.


  1. Sherrie Meicher says:

    Beautiful pictures especially of Kathy!

  2. Belinda Burmeister says:

    What a beautiful trip you’ve had. I’ve enjoyed all of your pictures and dialogue. Have a safe trip home and a rest before Israel. Pastor, you should really consider writing a book, I felt like I was right there with you on your adventure.

  3. Eva Gerhardt says:

    Beautiful photo of Kathy and cute dress!

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