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October 9 and 10, 2022

We arrived at the Mediterranean Coast early afternoon for our stay in upscale and trendy Malaga. This is one of Europe’s playgrounds for sun and fun. Our hotel was directly across from the Roman Theatre ruins carved into the hillside. Above the Theatre loomed the medieval castle/fortress, the Alcazaba. It had strong thick walls and climbed up the hillside—just like in the movies. We enjoyed exploring it, especially in that it was free entry on Sunday’s, and it was so very close to our hotel. One again, we were spoiled for choice of restaurants. There were at least 30 or more within easy walk. We found an amazing gelato shop and cheese cake store. We declared the gelato the best of the trip so far. The cheese cake was moist and creamy—not too much sugar. I am preferring the less sweet desserts of Europe. The Krahn’s and Paluch’s brought cards along, and some evenings we play various games. Fun! 

The cathedral is beautiful. We have seen many on this trip. Each is distinctive in some way. This one had a beautiful pipe organ built on pillars in the center of the cathedral. Our adventure along the Mediterranean was a highlight. Our hotel recommended a city favorite restaurant overlooking the water which splashed against the wall of the restaurant built out into the water. As we entered, we noticed a chef tending a large pit fire and skewering large sardines. He would stand them up in front of the wood fire and spray them occasionally with spices. That’s what many of us ordered for our meal. Delicious. Fresh sardines are nothing like the canned ones we are used to eating. We spent several hours soaking up the beauty, and Kathy, Melisa and Randy took off shoes and ventured into the cool waters. We all thought Malaga was a wonderful stop on our journey. 

Roman Theatre in Malaga
Marty Paluch entering the Alcazaba de Malaga
Busy night life in Malaga
Cathedral ceiling in Malaga
Impressive organ in Malaga Cathedral
Sardines on the grill
Kathy, Randy, & Melisa enjoy the cool waters of the Mediterranean


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