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Sevillan Elegance

October 4-8, 2022

We have not been back to Seville for nine years. It is the same, and it is different… different in that it is much busier, and much has been renewed…same in that it is as elegant as ever. Our VRBO is perfectly located—right on a street within view of the cathedral and filled with beautiful restaurants with outdoor seating. 

We are enjoying our meals at tapas restaurants. Most restaurants have around 25 selections of the little plates. One doesn’t need more than three plates, each one with different food. I ordered one medium plate of fried fish and two small plates—one a potato dish and the other an aubergine (eggplant) dish. The waiter looked at me and said, “Too much food!”  so I cancelled the potato dish. I was glad I did as I could barely finish eating the wonderful food I did receive. 

The majestic Seville Cathedral with its soaring Giralda Tower is a sight to behold. The largest gothic building in the world, dwarfing most other cathedrals in Europe, sits surrounded with large fountain-filled plazas and beautiful buildings. Its massive front entry with tiers of sculpted Biblical figures is only opened for the Spanish King and the Roman Catholic Pope. First, a church, and then a mosque during the Moorish conquest, and once again a church after the Reconquista—although greatly enlarged—one can spend hours in awe inside the building. Its immense altar of wood and gold with a solid silver altar table in front is considered the most beautiful in the world. We were fortunate to arrive to hear the pipe organ and attend mass. While we did not understand the words, it was beautiful, and the huge iron gates in front of the altar were opened affording us an unobstructed view. Christopher Columbus’s grave with a casket carried by four larger-than-life bronze soldiers—representing the four regions of ancient Spain—sat to our right. Later, we spent much time in the cathedral visiting the 80 side altars, themselves richly ornamented. The pipe organ is contained in two large towers in the center of the cathedral, each tower with huge pipes on each side and the choir with beautifully carved wood stalls in between the towers. 

Our five days in Seville were delightful. We so enjoyed the city—the Spanish Exposition; the hop on hop off tour; the food; the people dressed in finery; Santa Cruz (the old Jewish Quarter with its narrow cobbled stone streets to catch the breezes and not allow sun to touch the lanes below) and mostly white buildings with interior courtyards; the Alcazar (beautiful Moorish design with ornate gardens and home to Spanish royalty); the international festival; the “Mushrooms” (the largest wooden structure in the world); shopping and spending hours people-watching in outdoor cafes.  

One last note: we went shopping at El Cortes de Ingles, the huge store that is part Nordstroms, part Walmart and part Kroger. Basically, it has everything. The goal was to buy La Taza chocolate bars to make the amazing Spanish hot chocolate when we return home. This particular chocolate is formulated specially so the chocolate will melt very smoothly in heavy cream for a sensational, thick, not too sweet, dipping sauce. Muey Bien! 

Sevilla Cathedral view from our VRBO
Sevilla Cathedral Entrance for the Pope and King
Main Altar
Karen, Melisa, and Kathy in Sevilla
Dining location in Sevilla for Allen, Rhonda, Marty, Kathy, Melisa, Randy, & Wayne (photographer)
A street in the Jewish Quarter
Inside the Alcazar
Randy & Melisa beside a rubber tree in Sevilla
Wayne & Kathy in a Sevilla park near Santa Cruz
Columbus Monument
International Festival Foods
Spanish Exposition in Sevilla


  1. Eva Gerhardt says:

    Have really enjoyed following you all on this trip. Your pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories you are all making.

  2. Pat Thompson says:

    Awesome photos of some amazing places. Thanks for sharing your journey! Hugs.

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