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September 19, 2022

Lindau, Germany, on Lake Konstanz
Lindau, Germany

It is a huge risk bringing friends across the pond to a place you have never been and of which you have only read. I had a huge sigh of relief when we arrived in Lindau, an island city on Lake Konstanz (Constance) on the border of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I immediately saw that it was one very special place. 

Lindau lies on the German side of the Lake. It exudes old world lake charm and elegance. Lake Konstanz is Europe’s third largest lake; it sits in the shadow of the Alps. In fact, we could see snow covered mountains in the distance. The harbor is guarded by a large carved stone lion (50 tons) on a high pedestal. A lighthouse sits on the opposite harbor entry. Sail boats bob in the water and beautiful hotels and cafes line the promenade that winds its way into the old town. The old town with its German architecture is a wondrous maze of soft colors and flowers and fountains. Its charm draws you into its web and beckons you to explore. Everyone was more than impressed. 

Lindau, Germany

Having arrived via train from Zurich, we had ridden through green countryside with corn and cabbage fields in the valleys with mountains and hills all around. It seemed at times as if the train was a lower elevation than some of the lakes we glid past. Because of the timing of the schedule we had missed lunch and all ten of us were famished by mid afternoon. We found an outdoor seating restaurant that had a table for ten. With views down a grand pedestrian only street, we were satisfied. The bier (beer) was much more than satisfactory! In Germany, it is not pasteurized and it has no chemicals and is, therefore, pure. We were delighted with the hot pumpkin soup with pumpkin oil and toasted pumpkin seeds and a dollop of sour cream. The meal received rave reviews—my schweinshaxe (Bavarian roasted pork knuckle), the skin crispy and the meat moist, was delicious. Randy had veal wienerschnitzel, Allen roast duck, and the others I forgot. Those who received the potato salad made with cucumber said it was the best ever! The red cabbage was tasty and the bread dumplings amazing. We left more than satisfied and went our separate ways to further explore the island city. Kathy and I happened upon two big beautiful churches side by side—one Lutheran and the other Roman Catholic. Both had amazing pipe organs. The wooden pews in the Lutheran Church were very interesting. Obviously quite old, many had wooden doors and others had individual seats with wide arm rests. The Roman Catholic church had beautiful ceiling paintings. 

I can assure you that if you or you and friends come to Lindau on Lake Konstanz, you will be in for a grand surprise. It is an amazing place. 

Friends enjoy German cuisine in Lindau, Germany – L to R: Rhonda Krahn, Kathy Graumann, Sandra Steele, Randy Standly, Karen Paluch, Marty Paluch, Melisa Standly, Mike Steele, Wayne Graumann, Allen Krahn


  1. Lorna Weible says:

    You always find the most interesting, beautiful, and out of the way places!

  2. Chris Bregenzer says:

    On our very first trip to Germany, we spent 1 night at an inn in Lindau and did minimal sightseeing in that town since we didn’t arrive until dinner time, then headed to Austria the next morning. I don’t know if your train will take you thru Bregenz, a large town just over the border into Austria on the SE end of the lake. It is the town from which Charles’ family name originated with there also being a Bregenzerwald on the outskirts of the town and Bregenzstrasse being 1 of the main streets in Bregenz.

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