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Wealth and Watches–Zurich the Clean

September 17, 2022

Zurich Skyline on the Limmat River

The Parish to Zurich TEV (fast train) ride was as comfortable as can be—everything you wish a plane ride could be, but isn’t. The comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and great recline, fold down tables, the wonderful restrooms, food and beverage bar car, luggage storage by your seat. Did I mention that we reached speeds of 202 mph! Thoroughly enjoyable! The train stations were great as well. Like malls with trains—food and shopping easily available. 

Zurich is a fashionable city to be sure and one of the world’s wealthiest. After checking into our hotel we went out to browse. Running from the train station southward is the Bahnhofstrasse (train station street) that is Zurich’s shopping paradise. Every expensive store possible is located along this tree lined and pedestrian friendly avenue. Name your watch—it’s here. Windows were full of fancy and enticing displays of the world’s finery. 

We were hungry but not too—you know that feeling. We found just the right place in a beautiful platz (plaza) just by an impressive church with bells chiming. We sat outdoors under umbrellas on this bright but cool day. The hot soups and hot chocolate hit the spot. From there, we lollygagged our way around the old town, which is simply stunning and at the same time refreshing. The beautiful narrow pointed Swiss style towers stood out across the skyline. The crystal clear Limmat River runs through the heart of the city into Lake Zurich with high green hills jutting up and the Alps in the far distance. The Krahn’s and Paluch’s caught a tram back to the hotel and the Standly’s and we walked back along the Limmat. It was all cobblestone as we took little detours up narrow alleys and streets and then back to the main walkway. Trees, just starting fall coloration, lined the river in places, and we were totally refreshed by the walk. Then we all took naps—much needed because by mid-afternoon it had already been a long day. 

I had made reservations for 12 for dinner for the evening at the Restaurant zum Kropf, because the

Steele’s, who had been in Scotland, joined us in Zurich. This is a special restaurant dating back to 1444. Kathy and I had eaten here 25 years ago on our first visit to Zurich and loved it. Even though we had returned to Zurich over the years, we had not eaten there again. This time I decided we should return because it is a very traditional Zurich restaurant and some of our friends were first time visitors to Switzerland. The ceiling is painted with cherubs and a stained glass window dominates the center ceiling. Heavy wood paneling abounds. It was delightful and the new fall game specialities were offered in addition to the regular menu. Kathy fell for the wild boar as did Rhonda, complemented with roasted chestnuts, Brussels sprouts and pear with raspberry. Randy loved his stag steak. The rest of us opted for traditional pork knuckle or cordon bleu or sausages. For dessert, Marty opted for the fresh apple fritters with vanilla cream sauce and we declared it the dessert winner. It was a wonderful dinner in wonderful ambiance and wonderful company. We will all sleep well in the cold (46F) night Zurich air under down duvets with huge down pillows. By the way, European hotel beds no longer come with top sheets—bottom sheet and bed covering—that’s it.  Schlaft guht!   


  1. Sherlene says:

    I look forward to your e-mails- Zurich is one of those cities that makes you want to stay longer to explore!

  2. Nora says:

    Love everything until the lack of top sheet. grrrr. Stateside, too. Come on folks, people have different heat/cool needs and without layers, you have NO choice.

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