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Show Time with Randy


Thursday night was Randy’s big night–a lifelong ambition came to pass. He was selected from the audience to be in Mistika, the illusionist’s performance on the big Starlight Stage on our cruise ship, the Norwegian Jade. Randy was spectacular as he mimicked the magician’s movements and antics. Randy danced and swayed as the magician had a coin fall out of his armpit and his ear into a metal can–the coin making a loud clink. For the finale, Randy swallowed the coin and sure enough he “pooped” it into the can. The audience roared and applauded. Randy hit the big time! 

Friday found us in Lerwick, capital of the Shetland Islands. We spent a leisurely day ashore in this quaint seaside village. It looked like Scotland, which it is. The Victorian buildings had a very Scottish character–stone with tall chimneys that had multiple vent pipes protruding even higher. We had decided against a tour to see the Shetland ponies that make these islands famous, opting instead for soaking in the ambiance of the area. It was a good day–another day of sunshine in the mid-50s F. 


The evening found us eating a leisurely meal–an absolutely excellent meal in the ship’s steakhouse. I had shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, an iceberg wedge salad, porterhouse steak with green peppercorn sauce, au gratin potatoes, green beans and onion rings as the main course, and a caramel creme brule as dessert. Later, we enjoyed an interesting evening show–Claudio, the performer, stole items from people in the audience. He was an expert pick pocket. We watched in amazement as he stole suspenders off a man from under his coat; one poor passenger lost six items in about 20 seconds; we were wowed by one man’s loss of a sock on his shoe-clad foot. After verifying that we had everything still in our possession, we slept well. 


Today is a day at sea as we cruise toward Iceland. We passed the Farrow Islands and the ship headed into a foggy mist only to re-emerge into sunshine. We are told that our weather has been phenomenal with calm seas for this time of year. It has been amazing. I walked the jogging trail on an upper deck while Kathy took a class on art surrealism and the Standly’s did their thing. Kathy loves the art auctions at sea and this afternoon she purchased a painting that reminds her of her sisters making music together and a metal painting from a budding artist. We will eat another grand evening meal, attend the Knights–London West End stage cast singers who unite as a trio for cruise entertainment in off season– and then we will get a good night’s sleep as we prepare for a big day in Reykjavik tomorrow. WEG 


  1. Nora says:

    Scotland is a favorite place for me. Train system is perfect there. Your dinner sounds great. Hope you all brought clothes with elastic waists. Enjoying your posts and fun

  2. Nancy McCollum says:

    You guys have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

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