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The Gorges

The Three Gorges are one of China’s iconic geographic wonders and the main reason people take a cruise on the Yangtze River. Each of the gorges features towering forested peaks on both sides of the river. The mountains are close together causing the river to dramatically narrow. Steep rock cliffs mingle with deep green ravines that fall into the river. As we journeyed the gorges, mists swirled in the air and low clouds drifted amongst the mountain peaks. It was an ethereal experience.

At one point, our river cruise ship docked and we boarded a ferry boat for a ride on one of the Yangtze River’s 700 tributaries, the Shennong Stream. It was an adventure into an even narrower river experience. The scenery was dramatic, even though the ride was interspersed with rain. Along the way, high above us, we saw hanging coffins in natural cavities in the limestone cliffs. Placed there by the native tribe as a burial ritual for their dead, the coffins literally hung from the ceilings of the cavities. All we could do was observe them and wonder how they accessed such a steep place on a sheer cliff in the first place.

Back on our river cruise ship, we sat back and enjoyed the ride and the people who were with us on our China tour. WEG

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  1. Jerry DeFoor says:

    Have seen photos still find this amazing.

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