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Altitude or Attitude

Going from the coastal plains of the Houston area to the Andean heights of Quito, in one fell swoop, was quite an amazing start to our Ecuador and Peru adventure. To paraphrase the Bible, “The attitude was willing, but the altitude makes one weak.” Thankfully, neither Kathy nor I have altitude sickness, but walking Quito’s rolling hills at 10,000 feet does work on the lung capacity.

The Altar at the Church of San Francisco

The exterior of the Church of San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a wonderful city set between mountain vistas on all sides. Our day took us to some of the colonial gems of the El Centro, or historic center, of the city.  We purposely made today a moseying kind of day to acclimate ourselves to the altitude. Two churches that stood out were Santo Domingo (right by our hotel) and San Francisco. Both were begun in the early 1500s and feature Baroque Spanish architecture–beautiful. On our walkabout, we happened upon several marching bands in a parade along one of Quito’s major shopping streets–an unexpected joy of travel.

The Church of Santo Domingo

Breakfast room at Hostal Casa Montero, Quito, Ecuador, overlooking Legarda’s Virgin

Our hotel, a restored colonial house in the city’s historic center, has a breakfast room with expansive views of the surrounding hills, including Legarda’s (Ecuador’s famous artist) Virgin, a winged icon of the Virgin Mary overlooking the city.  Later in the day, we tried Ecuadorian food, shrimp on fresh coconut with a mango sauce and hearts of palm. Tasty. But the Ecuadorian beer was the highlight for me. It was as good, or better, than any I have tasted anywhere. Really!

Hopefully, tomorrow’s attitude will easily overcome the altitude. If not, I know where the good beer is served. WEG


  1. Nancy McCollum says:

    You are truly WORLD travelers!! I was available but I guess you just forgot to call! 😊

  2. Frankie says:

    beautiful site, wow soon your and Kathy will have seen all of the beautiful world the Lord has given us. enjoy

  3. Nora Schumm Maloy says:

    Wahoo…have a fun time.

  4. Joyce Buffo says:

    You surprised me! A new continent! Thanks for taking me along on your new adventure!
    Vaya con Dios!

  5. Pat says:

    Take it easy!!! Enjoy not being too ambitious while you get used to the altitude. My Bernie had high altitude pulmonary edema once and it is no fun.

    • wgraumann says:

      Thanks Pat. We are enjoying going slow and will do so. I have several books to read when we need down time. The weather is near perfect for lollygagging outside.

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