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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: Wales

Friday,  November 4, 2016 – Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff, Wales, is a delightfully pleasant city. The center city is pedestrian-friendly, and the Cardiff Castle is one of the United Kingdom’s best examples of medieval fortress building. The keep in the center of the complex, situated on a hill and surrounded by a moat, is especially attractive.

We arrived in Wales via ferry from Ireland. Once again, our trip was pleasant and the seas quite calm. When we debarked (alighted) the ferry in Fishguard Harbour, Wales, the train was literally right at the door. We traveled across Wales quickly, arrived in Cardiff, and hailed a cab. All safely packed into the cab, Kathy gave the address of our hotel to the driver. He looked at us in amazement and pointed down the street and there was the Marriott hotel right in front of us. We all laughed, unpacked the cab and went on our way. As has been the case in our travels, the people we have met are helpful and friendly and we have been blessed over and over again by them. WEG

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