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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: The Green Vault

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 – Dresden, Germany


Dresden is famous for one of its historic art collections known as the Green Vault, which is filled with unusual art objects, such as ostrich eggs covered in gold design and a royal jewel collection that is the most complete in Europe. Under ground in marble rooms that turned green with time, the collection was removed prior to the fire bombing of the city in World War II. The vault rooms were heavily damaged, but were rebuilt to former glory and the art reinstated.

Noon time found our group at the magnificent Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady–Lutheran) for a devotional service. The organ music was wonderful and, although in German, we could make out the psalm reading and the prayers and even recognized the hymn setting. It was a great meditative time seeing the wonderful statuary at the altar, especially Jesus praying at the Garden of Gethsemane, with cherubs flying near and the all-seeing eye of God in a Trinity triangle peering down.

Our group did various activities during the day as each individual determined what was their interest. Kathy and I went to a street fair and walked in the old town. We came upon a stall that made “fried bread,” something my mother made when I was a child and which I had not eaten in like, forever. How good a memory it brought! We also sipped a cup of hot gluwein, a mixture of wine and liquor. It was very good on an unseasonably cold day. It was also rather potent. We walked back to our apartment and took a nap! Rhonda, Allen, and Sherlene went to the Saxon Historical Museum and an outdoor market, and Mike and Sandra went to the Green Vault.

Our evening meal was in a cozy restaurant, and we ate mostly traditional foods. Unfortunately, the waiter did not understand that I only wanted fried spatzle as a side dish without the rest of the featured meal; so he brought each of the foods on the menu that accompanied fried spatzle on separate plates, far more food than one could consume. An English-speaking waiter helped clear up the matter; however, I know it caused them apoplexy. Allen gave me grief over the order, saying, “Next time, just order the whole meal. I’ll even pay for it.” I took that to mean he is paying for all my meals for the rest of the trip :-). WEG



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