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Autumn 2016 Travels in Europe: Baroque Gem

October 1, 2016


We took one last long look at the Tyrolean beauty of Hallstatt, boarded the train and headed for the glory of human creation known as the Melk Abbey. Mike, Sandra, Allen and Rhonda were in awe of this 900 year plus creation. The library, with its intricate wood carvings and leather bound books, is world renowned for having one of the largest holdings of books of antiquity. It is awe-inspiring. The Marble Hall is trompe-l’oeil (an art form that creates an optical illusion) amusement. Most of the marble isn’t, and the ceiling height, while not high, seems quite high. It is the chapel, however, that is the jaw-dropper. Considered one of the finest examples of the Baroque style, it is gold upon gold with angels flying and complementary art. It is overpowering, and it was meant to be. The wonderful abbey with its yellow accent paint and imposing towers and dome looms high over Melk village.

We have a great hotel on the main street in Melk and ate outside in the cool air, with outside heaters providing just the right amount of warmth with the lit abbey on the hill above. What a treat! We had different foods tonight: pumpkin soup (it is the pumpkin oil that makes the difference); pumpkin cheese cakes (wow); battered pork liver and potatoes; pike salad; roasted chicken, to name a few of the culinary items. Sitting on a cobblestone street in the fresh air, with beauty all around and above us, we felt blessed indeed. WEG

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  1. Nancy mccollum says:

    All of these cities should be paying you for your descriptive expertise of their beauty and historical significance that makes us all want to visit! Can I pre-order your travel guide?

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