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Travels in Europe, Autumn 2016: A Pub–Must Be London


A Pub–Must be London

September 20, 2016

Our first meal in London was in The Constitution, an elegant English pub. What better pub food is there than fish and chips, unless it is bangers and mash? Ours came with pea mash and home-made bread and butter. We all convinced Allen Krahn to put the malt vinegar on the fish. His response? “Well, if that’s the way they do it…” (He liked it!) The Guinness for Kathy was slow tapped, just the way it is supposed to be. After a long day in the air from Houston, and the train ride into London, the Graumann’s and Krahn’s are worn out. Our hotel is well-placed in Belgravia, within ear shot of Big Ben’s chimes and Westminster Abbey to the east and Buckingham Palace to the north. Our journey begins! WEG


  1. Terry Hudgens says:

    I am looking forward to hearing more!! Safe travels!

  2. Roger Tornga says:

    Those aren’t Brits! Them’s Tomballians!

  3. Mary Stockton says:

    Excited for you! Have a great time!

  4. Michele Snow says:

    Mmm, mmm, good! Kathy has excellent taste in beverages.

  5. Bob & Linda says:

    How cool!! Have fun!!

  6. Joyce Buffo says:

    Vaya con Dios! Looking forward to following along on your journey! – Joyce

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