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The Best Nine Dollars I’ve Ever Spent

After a long trans-Atlantic flight into Rome and another four hours getting to Bologna in north central Italy, the Krahn’s (Allen and Rhonda) and the Graumann’s (Wayne and Kathy) were tired, to say the least. We had thought about walking to our hotel from the central train station, but the taxis were right there and the allure of a quick ride was too appealing. The taxi took us along a grand boulevard and into twisty narrow cobble-stoned alley ways. Suddenly we arrived at our hotel located in the old town of Bologna. When the taxi driver told us it was nine Euros for all of us, Allen mused that it was the best nine dollars he had ever spent. I reminded him he said the same thing about Rhonda’s wedding ring–(thats a joke, folks!)

After freshening up we all gained renewed energy, and a delightful evening unfolded before us. Our hotel offered welcome drinks on the patio which overlooked the two towers of Bologna, the city’s noted landmarks from the fifeteenth century. Wondrous church bells pealed from a tower nearby. We walked the streets listening to drum-playing street performers and then stopped by a popular osteria (restaurant) for some local fare. Rhonda and I enjoyed our tagliatelle with Ragu, concocted in this city, with the recipe still kept by the government to regulate the authenticity of those who advertise it for sale. We thank God for safe journeys and a great beginning to our adventure. Now, for a good night of sleep.


  1. Anna Graumann says:

    Well, nice to hear from you–Just need to let you know Ivan and Carlen are in Norway–maybe you can meet somewhere???lol He can be reached at his regular e-mail address, which I think you probably have. Safe traveling, enjoy and God bless. Aunt Anna

  2. Linda & Bob Schaefer says:

    Thankful you all arrived safely. Blessings on your trip.

  3. Debbie Linfield says:

    sounds like your day was great. I like that secret the government keeps to regulate authenticity of tagliatelle with Ragu. Enjoy!!

  4. Roger Tornga says:

    I see why its a joke. I didn’t think that Allen would have spent that much on a ring!

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