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Strasbourg Day

We spent quite a bit of time today in and around the Notre Dame de Strasbourg, the excellent monument of faith that graces the Old Town. The exterior is much more intricate in stone work detail than most Gothic buildings and is brown/gold in color rather than grey. The airy bell tower is one of the tallest in Christendom. Inside, it is a glorious delight. It is soothing as well as impressive. The front side niches are filled with majestic works of art, including a large crucifixion scene in stone, and an angel column covered with angels, and a massive astronomical clock with wonderful moving parts to mark the hours.

We spent time with our friends, Ken and Paula, lolly-gagging our way around the cathedral square with its shops and restaurants and along the River Il surrounded by half-timbered buildings. How the time flies by when you take a leisurely stroll! WEG

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral interior - The Pillar of Angels, forefront; The Astronomical Clock, behind

Strasbourg Cathedral interior – The Pillar of Angels, forefront; The Astronomical Clock, behind

Strasbourg Cathedral - Calvary scene

Strasbourg Cathedral – Calvary scene


  1. Chris Bregenzer says:

    You’re in a region of Germany & France we’ve not yet seen. Thanks for the tips. Where & how long are you staying in Grindelwald? We stayed 5 nites at Chalet Hotel Gletschergarten & took the Jungfraubahnen to the top. Buying a train ticket for several days in the region is the best way to see the general area. Lauterbrunnen is stunning, as is the entire area. I’m heading to Washington DC tomorrow morning for a weekend in Annapolis with high school classmates for our 45 yr. reunion. YIKES! We’ll be a bunch of old ladies! Have fun in Switzerland!

    • wgraumann says:

      Chris, thanks so much. We are in Zurich for five days and Grindelwald for only two. (Kathy and I were there for five days several years ago and our friends have never been there.) You would love Strasbourg and Alsace! We are staying at the Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel. We do not yet have tickets for Jungfraujoch!!!! It is a must, I know. Did y’all go from Grindelwald? Have fun with your friends. WEG

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