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Fall Festival Time

Kathy and I are sitting in a Nuremberg Old Town square as music fills the air. It has filled the air all day. In the morning we visited the magnificent and art-filled St. Lorenz Lutheran Church, Nuremberg’s main church. As we viewed its famous tabernacle, a 62 foot tall work of stone cutter’s art, an orchestra was rehearsing. Heavenly is the best way to describe the experience. We also saw the St. Sebald Lutheran Church, the city’s next major church, another huge and art-filled place. Nuremberg was the first imperial city to convert to Lutheranism in the early 1500s.

The city’s Altstadfest is in full swing. Music stages fill the squares and each of the over 300 beer and food huts–I can’t think of a better way to describe them–they are portable, but built of wood, and they have full kitchens churning out delicious food that features pork in some fashion on the menus–also have some kind of music, from German oompa to jazz and swing. Because of the crowded conditions, the Krahn’s ate with a couple from the Netherlands, and we ate with a couple from Germany–great international relations and interesting conversations. We have loved our time in Nuremberg and were fortunate our visit coincided with the Altstadfest.
PS–We have liked, many times over, the Lebkuchen and Hefeweizen, area specialities. WEG

St. Lorenz Lutheran Church, Nuremberg, Germany
St. Sebold Lutheran Church, Nuremberg, GermanyEnjoying AltstadtFest in Nuremberg, Germany
Rhonda & Allen visiting with new international friends at Nuremberg's AltstadtFest


  1. Ursula Sohns says:

    Steve and I spent 3 days in Nuremberg a couple years ago. Absolutely loved it. We saw those 2 churches and loved the Nuremberg brats and the Lebkuchen! Well, I love lebkuchen. Steve isn’t refined enough to appreciate it so he just enjoyed the beer! So glad you are having a wonderful time.Germany is such a wonderful country.

  2. alg60 says:

    Great shots wayne, glad you guys are enjoying the festival.

    Al Gerhardt ALGPHOTOS http://www.algphotos.com al@algphotos.com 713-410-6542

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