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Dropped into a Fairytale

Cruising the River Rhine from Koblenz to Bacharach is relaxing and mesmerizing. One medieval castle after another dots the high green hills along the way. Vineyards, planted perpendicular to the river on the steep hills, are interspersed with thick forest, now beginning to turn gold and scarlet. Along the way, quaint villages with tall towers and church steeples lay along the river side. It is a journey that transports one back in time.

We had pre-made arrangements to stay in Bacharach for the evening. I had never heard of it, yet, wanted our friends, Allen and Rhonda, to experience a village along the river rather than traveling on to some large city for the evening. I was not prepared for the drop dead medieval beauty that lay in store. We entered the city from the water through an arched gate, and everywhere we looked we saw one astounding sight after another. It was as if we had been dropped into a fairytale. Half-timbered buildings dating from the 1300s lined the streets. A castle loomed over the village. A majestic Lutheran Church anchored the main square, and the remnants of a Gothic chapel, many gargoyles still flying in place, were perched on the cliff above. Vineyards rose up the hills to the rear of the village and along the valleys beyond. It was hard to believe that we had happened into such beauty, and yet, we had. WEG



  1. Melisa standly says:

    Keep up the great writing….I have to admit that I love to read BOTH of your blogs…I get something different from both of you and it’s wonderful….it appears cooler from the pictures so Wayne must be in “weather Heaven”.

    Randy sends love and says have a beer for him!!

  2. Diane Holland says:

    Sounds like a fairytale, indeed. My, Wayne, you have such a way with words. So, my idea is….when you return (if you ever do) should start writing novels about your travels, life, experiences, or whatever floats your boat. Though I have always admired you and your beautiful spirit, I had no idea that you were such an unbelievably talented writer. The way you tell your stories makes me feel like I am there with you as you travel through a dream you have probably envisioned for your entire life. Need I say that I am one of your greatest admirers? Well, now you know. Be careful and tell sweet Kathy hello and also give my regards to Rhonda and Allen. What a dream trip they must be having. Wish I was there.


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