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The Maria-Geburtsmarkt Festival

It has been going on for 775 years.

It has a large midway with games and rides.

It has an old-fashioned carillon.

It has the German version of fair food.

It has shops that sell authentic “made in Germany” items.

It has a horse arena for riding competitions.

It has livestock trading.

It has an explosive fireworks display.

It has thousands of attendees.

It’s the Maria-Geburtsmarkt Festival in Telgte, Germany!

Tonight the Sister City participants were treated to a white tent event at the horse steeplechase arena. Free food, free drinks, good seats!

The Maria-Geburtsmarkt Festival started in the Middle Ages after lightning struck a linden tree in the city that caused an image of the Virgin Mary to appear in the charred wood. The fair was begun in her honor and has been held annually ever since. The fair continues the medieval tradition of selling livestock on a handshake when the price is right. If the price offered is too low, the seller slaps away the outstretched hand of the bidder until the bidder offers an acceptable price, at which time the seller clasps the hand of the bidder, and the deal is done.

It has been another wonderful day in this charming Sister City of Tomball, Texas. WEG


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